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These luxurious sunglasses feature two laser-cut acrylic, red parrots atop high-quality acetate frames.
They add a quirky elegance to any look and are a perfect accompaniment to our fruit and parrot hats.


The parrots are red, with blue, gold, and white accents.  Two tail feathers dangle from the body of the bird. The parrots are made out of a mirrored acrylic, which makes it difficult for this piece to be photographed.  It looks much better in person.


The sunglasses offer UV400 CE Protection


You can choose the color/pattern of your sunglasses frame.  


Available are:
Black, White, Red, Yellow Tropical Pattern, Pink Tropical Pattern.


In our opinion, the parrots look best on black or white frames.  See the last two listing photos to see how the tropical yellow or pink base frames look like on our other style sunglasses.

A Fab Hatters exclusive, these sunglasses were designed in Los Angeles and hand-decorated.

*The sunglasses come carefully packaged and with a black drawstring carrying case.
*These sunglasses are made-to-order & typically ships out within 1-3 business days.

Red Parrot Sunglasses Black or White Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses


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