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This super-fun novelty snail brooch is lovingly designed and handmade by me, inspired by a 1940's bakelite novelty brooch design, with a Luxulite twist!

The snail features a carved shell in your choice of marbled purple, green or yellow, with a glossy, laser-cut body in your choice of green, lemon, purple or orange acrylic! Each snail is carrying a tiny glass pumpkin in it's mouth.

Please note - each brooch is unique! Marbling/colour of the snail shell will vary from brooch-to-brooch :)

These look so sweet perched on a cosy cardigan or day dress and make a lovely vintage-inspired finishing touch.

The brooch measures 7x5cm.

Trick or Treater Snail - novelty 1940's bakelite fakelite style large snail and


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