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Barrel o' monkeys necklace in mirror red acrylic. It has a short chunky gold plated chain, and the three monkeys are held together with one jump ring so that they can curve into the shape pictured. The clasp is finished with a little blue barrel that your monkeys have tumbled out of.

Did you have a barrel o' monkeys as a kid? I had one, but it's gone missing, so we made a wearable one instead!

Also made famous in Toy Story, the barrel o' monkeys is a fun nostalgic design for all ages! (my mum has a gold one and loves it!)

It's not a dinosaur, but they did co-star with Rex in Toy Story, who is a dinosaur if you need the link.

Hand drawn by the designosaur, laser cut and assembled by ourselves in sunny Brighton and sent to you in a designosaur branded gift box.

| dimensions |

Finger Tip to Finger Tip: 7 cm | 2 1/2"
Head to Toe: 4.5 cm | 2"
Thickness: 0.3 cm | 
Chain Length: 31 cm | 12"

(all inch dimensions are approximate)

The chain is short so that the Monkeys sit high on the chest.

| also available |

Want something smaller? How about a brooch...


DESIGNOSAUR creates jewellery that appeals to the excitable, dinosaur loving child in all of us, with our upbeat eccentricity whilst retaining a sense of style. Our signature pieces are laser cut renditions of dinosaur skeletons. Designs can be found in a number of boutique shops and the Natural History Museum, London.

Red Barrel o' Monkeys Statement Necklace by Designosaur

  • Items are in stock and typically ship within 1-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.


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