Look more than OAK-kay, this look is sure to be POPLAR!


This hat is definitely a statement piece!  Versions of these were made for, and displayed in, the Fallen Fruit Fruitique.  It has also been seen at a variety of fashion events worldwide, including at NYFW, palaces, museums, etc.  

A realistic bonsai tree is hand-stitched to a woven straw base. The tree is accented with a small red apple and a snake.  It is inspired by the Rothschild Surrealist Ball and the Garden of Eden.


Customization is possible.  You can change the color of the snake or change the fruit.  

Small surcharges might occur if I do not have the item you requested in stock though.It is also possible to replace the animal with a different type.There might be minor variations in the type of bonzai used.

The one pictured has sold! It can take up to 1-2 weeks to make, I can typically complete rush orders though.

Bonsai "Garden of Eden" Surrealist Fascinator Hat

  • You can choose if you want it with or without moss, with moss costs extra.

    The hat can be personalized with a different base, with or without moss, and without the apple and snake.  It can also be made on a bowler hat.

    Please note, if you order a non-mossy version, there will be no rocks on it.  Instead I will accent it with small amounts of greenery.

    Your bonsai tree will vary.  It will be more leafy, like the tree pictured in the first two pictures though.

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