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Need a helping HAND for your special event? This hand hat adds a bit of dramatic, quirky elegance to any occasion.  It can be customized to hold different drink glasses and you can change out the fabric to change the color of your drink.


Inspired by the iconic Surreal Art Movement, this surrealist hand fascinator hat is inspired by iconic fashion looks by the artists/designers Schiaparelli & Dali.


The hand hat has a round shaped base (10 cm in diameter), the black velvet hand, drink glass, 8 layer crystal cuff, and a matching ring.

For the drink glass you can choose between a WINE GLASS (pictured), CHAMPAGNE GLASS, or MARTINI GLASS, other types might also be available upon request.  


The "liquid" is a piece of tulle fabric in your choice of color, some examples include: dark red, golden (champagne), green etc.  One piece of tulle fabric for the "liquid" is included with your purchase.  If you would like to add garnishes like "celery" "olives", "lemon", "ice cubes" etc. to your drink, let us know there is a surcharge for this.    


Don't forget to tell me the color of your "drink".


Or instead of tulle we can fill the glass with a shimmer or glitter in your choice of color.  This adds $40 and 2 weeks to the construction time though.


The headpiece is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  It comes with a hat elastic and comb attached.
Very open to customization, major changes might result in differences in cost.  

Due to the handmade nature of this product, there are slight variations in each piece and the materials in your piece might differ slightly, but will be of the same quality.


CAUTION: The glasses are made out of plastic, be very careful with the hats and don't drop them or you might shatter the glass.


This headpiece typically ships out in 2-5 BUSINESS DAYS.

Black Hand Holding Drink Fascinator Hat | Surreal Cocktail Hat | Champagne, Wine

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