This stunning, surreal mask was inspired by the iconic movie poster for "Silence of the Lambs". 

It is great for any fan of "Hannibal" or for anybody looking for a unique spooky, Halloween look.

There are two versions:

A. The faux Deaths Head Moth Face Mask, Meant to be worn over the mouth, it has a clear, stretchy elastic.

Please note, my mannequin is smaller than life-size (around 85%-90% life-size), so the mask might seem too large).

B. A faux Deaths Head Moth is attached to black Merry Widow veiling. The veiling is hand stitched to a black headband.

For veiling I also have polka dot veiling in black, red, and white.

Death's-Head Moth Face Mask | "Silence of the Lambs" Costume | Hannibal Lecter


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