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A STELLAR look sure to ECLIPSE all others and make you the STAR of any event, this convertible silver stars and full moon headdress is made-to-order.


These can take up to 2 weeks to make, though I can typically accomadate rush orders upon request.


This bold, surreal headpiece adds a bit of elegance or drama to any outfit. Hand-painted stars delicately swarm and float above your head on hidden wirework.


Lightweight and easy-to-wear, dozens of stars are individually wired, allowing it to be converted into a variety of different looks.  The stars are individually wired.  They can be adjusted to create several different looks, a few of much are shown here.


This surreal look is also accented by a realistic, digital print of a full moon, custom-printed and stiffened by us.  The moon is a photo-realistic digital 2D print on stiffened fabric.  It looks much better in person than pictured.  


The stars are individually wired.  They can be adjusted to create several different looks, a few of much are shown here. The headpiece is lightweight and easy-to-wear.  


  • For the stars, we now use rhinestone stars, which are available in one size.  The stones are much more shiny than pictured, the back of the rhinestone stars are black. 
  • The headpiece doesn't look as "flat" in real life.  The stars are in different planes of field, some in front or behind others, which adds a three-dimensionality to the piece. 
  • Upon request we can use hand-painted stars that are available in a mix of sizes, but this increases production time.  This does cost more because it takes HOURS more time to make.


It is available attached to a black Alice headband (a headband with teeth) or to a black fascinator hat base with clips attached.  The listing photo with a blue background is an example of the HEADBAND style.  


  • Please be aware that it will be shipped FLATTENED DOWN a bit, in a flat top shipping box that you can keep to store it in.
  • It is a large hat and by shipping it this way we are saving you a substantial amount of money by not making it an oversized package.  This also makes it easier to travel with the headpiece.  
  • It will take a few seconds to rearrange it, you just need to pull on a few wires, but we will include instructions and color picture cards of ways you can wear it.  


For PRIMARY color, choose what color STARS you want. The gold stars are slightly discounted a bit since they are less popular and I have more in stock.  


The back of the moon is a plain white.  For an additional charge, I can make the BACK side of the moon white, black, or silver glitter (+$15) or moon print (+$75).  Please note that making the moon double sided adds 1-3 days of construction time.

The back of the stars are more of a shimmery metallic than the front, in order to hide the wire joins.


This headpiece is made-to-order and we can customize it for you.  Choosing another digital image instead of the moon will incur a small surcharge.

*This headpiece typically ships out within 4-8 business days.
*This item is shipped flattened a bit for shipping.  We include a style card with possible suggestions on how to wear it.
*We recommend you keep the special shipping box it comes in for storage.
*The moon is made out of special heat-sensitive material.  Don't expose it to temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  
*Don't leave it in a hot car.

*Handmade in Los Angeles, California.

Silver Stars & Full Moon Headdress | Hedy Lamarr Fascinator Hat

PriceFrom $249.95

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