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Free Gift or Lucky Dip with Minimum $100 Purchase in Jewelry.

Free LUCKY DIP with you spend a Minimum of $100 USD in Jewelry before taxes/shipping.

You can mix and match the different brands of jewelry we offer.

Upon request, you can ask to substitute your Lucky Dip for a previous Erstwilder Gift with Purchase. We still have the following previous GWP Brooches in stock WHILE SUPPLIES last:

Deco Cicada, Che Bello!, Orange Crush Precious Preserves (mini brooch), Blue Petal Baby, Kasey Rainbow 'Sprout', Boarding Pass, Darling Damselfly, A Finch By Any Other Name, Happy Hilda Hippo, Sacred Starfish, Anouk's Lost Letter' Brooch, or Ritualistic References.

If you state no preference you most likely receive a RANDOM, non GWP, lucky dip from past collections from our inventory. It could be from any designer, but is most likely Erstwilder.

No promo code is needed for this offer, we'll just add a random Lucky Dip for your order

  • Hats, Berets, Scarves, Handbags, etc DO NOT count towards the qualifying amount.

  • Only Jewelry items count towards this minimum spend.

  • Lucky Dips might be from any brand we carry, though they are usually Erstwilder

  • Lucky Dips cannot be exchanged or returned for any store credit etc.

  • If you place a large order ($100x2 or $100x3 etc.) that qualifies for multiple free gifts, you might receive a larger value lucky dip or multiple smaller value ones, or a mix thereof.


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