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Fashion Brand Company recognizes that although it has placed significant focus on the lizard community, the bug community lacks the same kind of attention. We anticipate that this dress will draw awareness to insects everywhere, particularly hexapods, which may include and are not limited to butterflies, fleas, moths, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, flies, crickets, honey bees, Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, scorpions, and stick bugs. Not mosquitos. 



-fits true to size

- machine washable

-Ykk hidden back zip 

-5 bug arms coming out both sides. 10 bug arms total

-Made using an incredible thick but breathable fabric with a slight amount of stretch that doesn't stretch out or wrinkle. Very smoothing and flattering. It's the same fabric used on the two tone sleeveless director jumpsuits. Machine washable. Doesn't shrink and colors don't bleed.

-Custom printed fabric is 78% terylene 20% rayon 2% spendex


Fab Hatters is a US Retailer for authentic Fashion Brand Company products.

At the moment we only have limited sizing and stock available.  So don't hestitate to order or these WILL sell out

BUG DRESS | 10 Handed Surreal Dress | Fashion Brand Company

  • L: Bust: 40" Waist: 36" Hip: 46" Length: 34"

  • machine washable

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