The Scarab Beetle was the incarnation of the God Khepri and was used as a moniker or seal for many of the Royal Bloodlines.


Our offering is a bold and large statement necklace with bright and reflective colours in it's makeup.

Made from Mirrored Emerald Green, Silver and Red acrylic with more subdued metallic gold legs with black scaled inlay details.


It is a multi component piece assembled together with gold high quality strong split rings and comes finished with a genuine black leather plaited cord chain.


These are finished with high quality gold end caps and a manageable magnetic golden clasp.

It is finished off with a genuine Mahogany wood backing with our signature etched MissJ logo. 


Size: 165mm x 140mm or 6 1/2in x 5.5in.

Leather Cord Chain Length: 200mm/20cm/8in on either side.


Every piece we make is hand made to order by a highly skilled artisan maker and as such the lead time on your order may on occasion be around a week.

Scarab Beetle Necklace by MissJ Designs | Egyptian Collect

  • Items are in stock and typically ship within 1-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.


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