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All eyes will be on you with these READY-TO-SHIP surreal eyepatches.


Your price includes ONE eye-patch in your choice of style: 


  • Beaded Eye: A large beaded and embroidered blue eye,accented with a rhinestone pupil.
  • Embroidered Eye: A simple embroidered blue eye
  • Custom Color FELT Eye: We have a bunch of colors available, but be aware that the iris color for BROWN is smaller than than the other colors
  • Jeweled Clock: A large beaded and rhinestoned embroidered clock
  • Red Sequin Heart
  • Gold Sequin Heart  


Please note the mannequin is slightly smaller than life-size (85-90%), so the eye-patches might seem too large as pictured.


All eyepatches are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The eyepatches are adjustable in size and have stretchy, black elastic attached.


  • Please be aware that these are a fashion, novelty item.  Please be aware that they will obstruct vision of the eye you wear it on.  Wear at your own caution.
  • Handmade in Los Angeles, California.


Surreal Eye or Heart Eyepatch : Beaded Evil Eye or Heart Eyepatches

PriceFrom $14.95
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  It has stretchy, black elastic attached so it fits most people.

    Due to my vision issues, I have to occasionally wear an eyepatch, I found all mainstream eyepatches to be uncomfortable, dowdy, and most importantly, ineffective.  A lot of eyepatches, let in too much light or don’t fit the face well.  My eyepatch is made out of thermoplastic to fit the curves of the face, while pliable it is shaped onto an actual human face.

  • *Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
    *This piece typically ships out within 1-4 business days.
    *Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.

    CAUTION: Do not expose to direct flames or temperatures of 215 degrees Fahrenheit or above for prolonged periods of time. It is made out of heat sensitive materials.

    Store in the dark when not in use to prevent fading.

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