Prefect for any Los Angeles event, this headpiece is a mostly true to scale recreation of the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry.

This hat is a definite SHOW STOPPER.

Walt Disney Concert Hall Costume Hat

  • The front shows a digital, custom printed 3D recreation of the building. It is printed on stiffened fabric. It has a slighty pink tone to it as the images that the hat were based on were taken at sunset.

    The back shows a more abstract 3D recreation of the building in silver glitter.

    You can wear the headpiece with either side facing the front of your head.

    It has a hat elastic attached, wear the elastic to the back of your head, under your hair.

    I have one ready to ship, the one pictured. Custom orders can be made, it can take up to 25 days to recreate due the difficulty of the process. It is made out many different hand cut pieces. 

    CAUTION: Do not expose to temperatures of over 150 degrees Fahrenheit for prolonged periods of time. Do not expose to flame.

    Store in the dark when not in use to prevent color change,

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