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How to Wear, Care For, Repair, & Display Your Resin Jewelry

Hello fellow broochies!

Here we have compiled some helpful advice for the care & repair of your resin jewelry.

Wearing a Brooch

  • When wearing a brooch, we recommend you use an earring stopper along the pin, so that if the pin does come unlatched, it won’t fall off easily!

  • You can also pin your brooch to a cheap, flat makeup sponge (behind your item of clothing). This help keeps it from falling off and keeps things stable if your fabric is very thin, slippery or delicate.

If you want to wear your brooch as a necklace, you can use a brooch converter.

Recommended Care Instructions

Please be aware that resin is akin to ceramic and glass, and therefore may be damaged if dropped or knocked. Keep your jewelry neatly tucked away in your gift box when not being worn, avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water and excessive sunlight, and you’ll have your piece for years to come. Clean gently by hand.

Repairing Resin Jewelry

Recommended Glues:

  • E6000

  • Beacon’s Gem-tac

These glues are good for repairing resin or gluing stones or crystals back on. A little goes a LONG way.

Follow the manufacturer's directions and allow a couple hours for it to set.

We STRONGLY recommend wearing a mask when using E6000.

We do NOT recommend super glue on areas that will be visible as they might cause the resin to fog or become cloudy.

Tarnishing on Metal Findings

To prevent your findings from tarnishing you can use clear polish on the metal parts. Store them in a cool, dry environment away from moisture.

Storing your brooch or other precious metal jewelry with a piece of anti-tarnish paper in the container can also help! The anti-tarnish papers will be available in our shop soon.

If tarnishing is already visible, you can use a silver polishing cloth. We sell them in our shop!

If the tarnishing is very persistent or the metal is a bit rusty or rough, we recommend lightly sanding, using a silver polishing cloth, than sealing the area with clear nail polish.

Need a new brooch finding to replace a broken one?

They're great to have on hand for future repairs.

I have too may brooches! How do I store them!?!!

If your collection is too big and you want to store them in their container, we recommend checking our you local home goods store or Amazon and buying some acrylic stackable bottle holders! They're stackable and the perfect size to store and hold the standard size circular Erstwilder brooch boxes. See the picture to the left for an example of what you should be looking for.

You can also buy a rolling cart with shelving if your collection is that big! Joann's and Michaels have some for sale for the time. We don't recommend buying these from Hobby Lobby due to their continued illegal smuggling of looted, historical artifacts, which we morally cannot condone.

Or if you want to display your brooches out of the box, what I do is buy a BIG quilting embroidery hoop from Joann's, put a piece of stretch velvet or other fabric in it, make sure its TIGHT, and pin my brooches to them! Or you can place them on several different size hoops and make your own arrangement!

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