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Mission to the Moon Collection Reveal & GWP Details

Erstwilder’s Mission to the Moon, revealed!


From 7pm PST launch day MONDAY July 3, spend $90 USD or more in a single transaction on (on any JEWELRY (any brands) or KEY RING products online) and you will receive Boarding Pass Brooch as your exclusive bonus gift, while stocks last.

This GWP takes the place of our usual Lucky Dip Offer until we run out, but we have LOTS and don't expect to run out launch day.

Limit 1 per customer. For every ADDITIONAL $100 spend you'll get a Free Lucky Dip

For example, if you spend $190, you'll get Boarding Pass Brooch AND an extra Lucky Dip.

SCARVES, BERETS, HATS, PURSES, and other non-jewelry purchases do not qualify towards the qualifying total.

Boarding Pass Brooch GWP is IN STOCK

& will simply be added to the shipping boxes of qualifying orders.

You DON'T need to use any codes, add it to your cart, etc.

It won't show up on your invoices or cart, but you'll get it.

We have PLENTY of stock and give notice when we run out.


Inspired by 1960s futurism and heavily influenced by the luxury space travel aesthetic (think Stanley Kubrick’s seminal sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey!) this retro range of resin and enamel accessories – including brooches, earrings, necklaces and essentials - will help you channel your inner astronaut!

A cosmic collection of all-new designs, paying homage to what has come before and what is still to come, Erstwilder’s Mission to the Moon collection will see stars in the eyes of all those who observe them.

Ready to see for yourself?!


PLEASE NOTE: In the video, the prices listed are in AUD. At the end of the post is the price list in USD

If we run out, you will receive a free Lucky Dip instead. We will make posts on our social media and blog, when we run out of these GWP.

If you want to combine multiple sma

ller purchases made on launch day to qualify for the GWP, let me know ASAP (email at so I can TRY to make adjustments, but I cannot guarantee I can accommodate this (though I usually can).


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