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Erstwilder x Laura Blythman Collection Details

Ready for a range that will have you on cloud 9?!

Proudly hailing from Melbourne, Laura Blythman is an artist, designer, illustrator and Creative Director well-known for her effervescent use of colour and paper collage.

Pease note, we will carry the ENTIRE CORE RESIN collection & the enamel huggie earings. We will NOT be carrying any enamel pins or enamel key rings from this collection. A big fan of anything that makes her eyes and heart happy, something else she has in common with Erstwilder, Laura has lent her considerable talents to the team, helping them design and produce this collection where every cloud has a silver lining. This capsule collection of weather-inspired layered resin wonders includes brooch, earring and necklace designs, plus two glorious statement hair claws, all joyfully paying homage to Laura’s own layered paper design approach. And, because Erstwilder are firm believers that when it rains it pours, the release also includes a charming selection of entrancing enamel accessories, ranging from pins to key rings and all-new ‘huggie’ earrings. All that’s left to do now is watch the reveal video and get all the design details below, then plan your wishlist! ERSTWILDER X LAURA BLYTHMAN LAUNCHES 6:30PM PST MONDAY 20 MARCH ON

Enamel Earrings will be made available to add to cart or purchase from 6:00pm P.S. Prepare for launch with these helpful tips here

Sun Charmer Brooch - $35.95
59mm x 57mm

Sun Charmer Hair Claw Clip - $56.95

70mm x 44mm

Stella the Storm Brooch - $32.95

77mm x 41mm

Stella the Storm Hair Claw Clip - $56.95

87mm x 47mm

Groovy U.V. Brooch - $35.95
65mm x 46mm

Lainey the Rainy Brooch - $35.95

75mm x 41mm

Spring to Life Brooch - $43.95

73mm x 61mm

Spring to Life Necklace - $85.95 125mm x 64mm

Turn a New Leaf Brooch - $43.95 81mm x 58mm

Turn a New Leaf Necklace - $85.95 124mm x 63mm

Spring to Life Enamel Huggie Earrings - $21.95 15mm x 15mm

Turn a New Leaf Enamel Hug

gie Earrings - $21.95 15mm x 15mm


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