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Heirloom Crystal Series Collection Reveal

Erstwilder’s Crystal Series, revealed!

Heirloom Crystal Series launches on on 7:30pm PDT Monday 17 April 2023.

Following our inaugural Heirloom release in 2022, this next release is inspired by the brilliant-cut technique with its multiple facets which made diamonds sparkle like never before and came to dominate jewellery design in the 18th century. Featuring a curated set of nine Fan Favourite designs, all re-imagined and embellished with sparkling Czech glass stones, plated in sterling silver or 18k gold, we proudly present the Heirloom Crystal Series.

Each piece has been carefully moulded and jewels arranged to replicate their original Erstwilder resin design, matching the dazzling crystal stone colours back to the original resin colourways too. As with the first Heirloom release, each design is limited to just 200 pieces worldwide (including selected stockists) for high collectability, with its own unique edition number engraved on the reverse side and a certificate of authenticity included, all in a beautiful leatherette box.

Watch the full collection reveal video, or to see all the beautiful photography of this must-have collection below! Prices in video are in AUD, all the brooches are $80.95 in USD

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